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Congresswoman Beth Van Duyne, TX-24
Representative Giovanni Capriglione, House District 98
Tim O'Hare, Republican Nominee for Tarrant County Judge
Mayor John Huffman, City of Southlake
Chad Patton, Southlake City Council
Dr. Randy Robbins, Southlake City Council

Ronell Smith, Southlake City Council
Kathy Talley, Southlake City Council
Amy Torres-Lepp, Southlake City Council
Randy Williamson, Southlake City Council
Cam Bryan, CISD School Board Trustee
Hannah Smith, CISD School Board Trustee
Andrew Yeager, CISD School Board Trustee
Pat Hardy, Texas State Board of Education, District 11
Shannon Wood, Tarrant County College District Board of Trustees
Shawn McCaskill, former and future Southlake City Councilmember
Chris Archer, former Southlake City Council & CISD School Board President

Carolyn Hill Morris, former Southlake City Council and CISD Teacher
Matt Bryant, former CISD School Board Trustee
Frances Scharli, Southlake Parks and Recreation Board Chair
Southlake Families PAC

Carl Alford

Stacey Archer

Rene Asprion

Ryan Asprion

Claudia Avila

Victor Avila

Jamie Baker

Steven Baker

Jennifer Baldwin

Angela Bartholomae

Danny Batsalkin

Justin Battles

Magdalena Battles

Gene Bazemore

Lynn Bazemore

Ashley Bellard-Hutchinson

Csongor Bibza

Frank Bernardo

Micala Bernardo

Csongor Bibza

Ann Marie Birdwell

Jeff Blanchard

Jeff Booher

Jennifer Booher

Scott Bonfield

Rachel Bowman

Lisa Bridgers

Roberta Brock

William Brown

Ethan Bruner

Donald Brush

Amanda Bryan

Michelle Buchanan

Kim Bullock

Kimberly Burke

Jackie Burlingame

Rusty Burlingame

Anh Chi Busboom

Kurt Busboom

Adam Butcher

Amber Butcher

Jamie Cadiz

Lisa Campanella

Robert Campanella

Debi Capps

William Capps

Jennifer Casey

Lindsey Castner

Geri Cohen

Fred Collins

Dan Combe

Jill Combe

Louis Corna

Kim Cox

Patricia Crandall

Betsy Crum

Rich Curtis

Kim Davis

Jeffrey Deichert

Carolina Del Calvo

Leo Del Calvo

Eduardo DeLugo

Jennifer Donlon

Marla Donohue

Leigh Ann Downing

Alan Drennan

Scott Eddins

Tara Eddins

Kenneth Edwards

Virginia Elder

Lauren Fanning

Marc Fanning

Janet Fish

Elliot Folkerts

Jill Folkerts

Gregg Formella

Anne Franklin

Linda Frederick

Kristin Garcia

Kathryn Gerrity

Dennis Godfrey

Malloree Gray

Curtis Green

Dave Grenier

Kristen Grenier

Leigh H

Jennifer Hall

Anne Halter

Jack Halter

Janey Hampton

Rick Hampton

Susan Harvey

Kris Hawbaker

Lindsay Hawbaker

Sarah Hilton

Roth Hinkle

Virginia Hinkle

Nancy Hollis

Elizabeth Huffman

Elizabeth Huss

Robert Huss

Ashley Bellard-Hutchinson

Christine Johnsen

CJ Johnsen

Jeanine Jones

Dudley Jordan

Steven Kaplan

Sandra Karlsson

Saniya Kashif

Kimberly Kaupe

Brandon Kelley

Jim Kelley

Melanie Kelley

Gary Kemp

Kristine Kemp

Adam Kieda

Meg Kieda

Dana Krasinski

Joe Krasinski

Carrie Kittrell

Danielle Krishna

Linda Krishna

Nicole Krishna

Paul A Krishna

Paul P Krishna

Daniel Kittrell

Tom Knipper

Michael Krone

Lavonda Landrum

Eric Lang

Wendy Lang

Joe Lanza

Stephen LaSala

Virginia LaSala

Janira Lazu-Robiou

Scott Lepp

Douglas Lies

Stephanie Lindberg

Danielle Llera

Chuck Lo

Steve Lutz

Dana Mackie

Michael Mainard

Robert Mark

Curtis McCaffity

Shannon McConnell

Ashley McCurry

Michelle McDermott

Steve Mcelhiney

Kelly McGuire

Marisa McFadin

Corinne Midkiff

Guy Midkiff

Larissa Milby

Kristie Millican

Wesley Millican

Jason Mills

Shannan Mills

Shelly Minahan

Dennis Minder

Pattie Minder

Ali Mirza

Ashley Moore

Tom Moore

Sarah Muns

Kelly Near

Lenora Nielsen

Mark Norcini

Christen O'Hare

Thomas Skip Owens

Michael Palys

Tracey Patton

Gloria Paul

Bonnie Pendergrass

Chris Pendergrass

Melissa Pensom

Deane Pistocchi

Robert Pistocchi

Jolyn Potenza

David Potenza

Brett Reed

Mercedes Reed

Austin Reynolds

Danny Reynolds

Kristin Reynolds

Leanna Reynolds

Joe Ridings

Tammy Riley

Beth Roberson

Tandy Roberson

Jacque Robson

Craig Rogers

Lisa Sammons

Patty Rogers

Juan Saldivar

Robert Sammons

Joe Sansone

Martin Schelling

Bryan Schneider

Matty Schirle

Maureen Schmuhl

Alan Secord

Stephen Selinger

Byron Severson

Chris Sherman

Karin Sherman

Anne Schultz

Cindy Shultz

Anita Sims

Randy Sims

Nastaran Solano

Jiri Smetana

John Smith

Graylene Spain

Paul Spain

Anna Speier

Jon Speier

Esther Spickler

Christy Stacy

Mitch Stacy

Jen Stapleton

Sean Stapleton

Stephanie Stewart

Glenn Story

Jenny Story

Werner Straub

Bruce Strupp

Jennifer Strupp

Christina Taggart

Chuck Taggart

Nicole Tam

Russell Tam

Mary Tamargo

Kelli Tate

Michael Tate

Tara Tate

Lindsay Terry

Lorrie Terlingo-Knipper

John Thane

John Thomas

Renee Thomas

Natan Ton-That

Dawn Tongish

Russell Torti

Jeff Tufts

Jean Tuggey

Matt Tuggey

Molly Underwood

Kate Van de Berghe

Sanjay Veerabathina

Jennifer Velasco

Celia Venter

Paul Venter

Trey Verbick

Cindy Viohl

Alicia Wagner

John Wagner

Barb Walker

Brent Walker

Leslie Walker

Rick Walker

Leslie Walker

Dale Wall

Deborah Walls

Catherine Walsh

David Walsh

Julie Walsh

Leigh Wambsganss

Abby Ward

Justin Ward

Darlene Warwick

Amy Watts

Dane Watts

James Welsh

Britta Wert

Angie Whitney

Bobby Whitney

Anna Williams

Janice Williams

Kristopher Williams

Cheryl Wilson

Kendra Wilson

Ryan Wilson

Kristy Winkler

Michelle Woolf

Lily Wong

Jean Xue

Patty Yeager

Bill Zimmerman


“Our parents and students deserve School Board leaders who are solely focused on ensuring our public schools deliver an exemplary education for our future generations of leaders. Alex Sexton is just such a leader we need for CISD School Board, Place 6 and I urge voters to join me in supporting him. As a former Captain in the United States Air Force, Alex is a man of great character, integrity and work ethic whom I am confident will ensure CISD schools deliver the best education for all of our students."

Congresswoman Beth Van Duyne, TX-24


"Alex Sexton is a hard working, honest and dependable husband, father and businessman. He is the right man to lead Carroll ISD and I am honored to endorse him in this race. Christen and I look forward to voting for Alex on May 7th and we strongly encourage other Dragon families to do the same."

Tim O'Hare, Republican Nominee for Tarrant County Judge


"Elizabeth and I are thrilled that Alex Sexton decided to put his name on the ballot for CISD Trustee. His experience, prior military service, and strength of character will make him a great public servant for the families of CISD. Even more than that, Alex and his family are genuinely good people, and we need more of that in politics. I hope you’ll join us in supporting Alex Sexton for Carroll ISD Trustee"

-Mayor John Huffman and Elizabeth Huffman

“I am excited that Alex Sexton is stepping up to lead on the CISD Board of Trustees.  Alex is a man of integrity, vision and commitment to community and I am proud to support him.”

-Randy Williamson, Southlake City Council

"I am proud to endorse Alex Sexton for CISD School Board, Place 6. He is a man of great character, integrity and commitment to service. He has the necessary qualifications that we need right now on our Board of Trustees to continue to promote fiscal responsibility in our district. Alex is familiar with managing multi-billion dollar contracts and leading teams across multiple industries, which will help us manage our ever growing needs. Join me in voting for Alex Sexton for CISD Board, Place 6. "

-Cam Bryan, CISD School Board Trustee

“The election for Carroll ISD Place 6 Trustee is likely the most important vote you will cast on May 7th. Our school board has made great strides, but we need to continue to elect high caliber trustees. That is why I am proud to endorse Alex Sexton as our next Place 6 Trustee. Alex is committed to educational excellence, protecting parental rights, and supporting our stellar staff. As a business leader and veteran, Alex has the proven leadership skills that we need to excel.

I’m honored to endorse Alex Sexton for Carroll ISD School Board, Place 6.”

-Hannah Smith, CISD School Board Trustee

"I'm  thrilled to endorse Alex Sexton for CISD School Board Trustee, Place 6. Alex and I share many of the same values including supporting excellence in education, fiscal responsibility and supporting CISD's dedicated teachers. Alex would make an excellent Trustee. A thoughtful listener and articulate communicator, he also has a military background and a career in business management, winning assets that will serve our Board and community well."

- Andrew Yeager, CISD School Board Trustee

"I am proud to support and endorse my friend Alex Sexton for Southlake Carroll ISD School Board Trustee, place 6. As we have campaigned together starting in January for city council and school board, I have seen first hand that Alex has a heart for volunteer service to our community. Alex has great ideas and insights on protecting the tradition of our exemplary school district. With a career of military service and business leadership, and recently serving on city and school committees, Alex is ready to be our next School Board Trustee. Early voting starts on April 25!"

-Shawn McCaskill, former and future Southlake City Councilmember

"Thank you for stepping up to keep Southlake schools excellent. Our family is 100% behind you!"

-Christen O'Hare

"As a Grapevine GOP precinct chair, I endorse Alex for School Board Trustee. He is a conservative and well qualified for the position."

-Alan Drennan, Grapevine GOP Precinct Chair

"As Chairman of GOP Precinct 3526 I enthusiastically support Alex Sexton for CISD School Board,

Place 6."

-Tom Moore, GOP Precinct 3526 Chairman

"Alex is a perfect choice for school board. He is an exceptional listener and has a way of bringing people together.   He has lived a life of service, honor and humility. We endorse Alex Sexton!!!"

-Jill Folkerts

"Being a Minority in CISD, I am proud that Alex Sexton will represent me and my family. I’m 100% positive that he will do what’s right for ALL the students. The Southlake community has been very kind and full of love to us immigrants. Thank you Southlake and CISD!


-Michael Palys

"I had the honor of serving on the CISD Strategic Planning Committee with Alex and found him to be highly motivated to find ways to continue our pathway of excellence in all areas and among all students."

-Kristie Millican

"We are so proud to support Alex! A family man with the skill set we need. His commitment to our community and his convictions make him such a strong candidate!"

-Tara Tate

"Alex has the courage to stand and fight for the students in CISD. If this country is to survive, it needs the citizens like Alex to step up and preserve the values upon which it was built. Please vote for Alex."

-Joe Lanza

"Alex is a friend and a man with integrity, kindness and a deep understanding of what Carroll ISD’s future holds."

- Jean Xue


"Our family knows Alex to be passionate about our community and committed to maintaining excellence in our schools. Alex considers all viewpoints on an issue and carefully arrives at decisions he believes most align with his values and those of his constituents. We are confident that Alex will be an excellent CISD Trustee and are happy to support him."

-Adam and Amber Butcher


"Alex Sexton will be a wonderful representative of all Southlake families/Dragons and I am proud to endorse Alex for CISD School Board, Place 6."

-Cindy Shultz

"Love this family. We greatly respect their conservative values and willingness to passionately serve our community to ensure those values are protected."

-Betsy Crum

"We fully support Alex Sexton for Place 6.  We need people like him watching over our district and children."

-Jennifer Casey

"I stand behind Alex Sexton because I believe we are in a crucial fight for the protection our kids and keeping the excellence that makes Southlake so unique. Who we elect has never been more important and I believe he will protect the tradition with our children as his focus!"

-Kim Bullock

"Alex has served our country now we are blessed that he is willing to serve CISD. He has our family’s full endorsement."

- Leigh Wambsganss

"Alex because is a man of integrity with financial expertise and management skills that will prove to be a great asset to CISD. I served on the strategic planning committee with him and he was kind, courteous & professional, weighing all views objectively, making decisions based on facts rather than emotion or political views. Alex has my full endorsement for CISD Trustee."

- Jolyn Potenza

"I'm honored to endorse Alex Sexton for CISD school board. Alex is a man of integrity and is fully committed to his family, our community, and conservative values. He will bring a wealth of experience, knowledge, and insight that will continue moving our district forward. And I know he will ensure we continue to be a district of excellence."

- Kristine Kemp

"Alex is a man of great integrity! He has our family's support 100%"

- Amanda Bryan

"Alex will be a great asset to our CISD School Board. A conservative leader with great character & commitment to excellence! He has served our country in the Air Force & will serve our Dragons with the same honor!"

- Deborah Walls

"Alex is a strong leader, proactive on taking action, a pillar of the local community and an amazing God and family first man! He always puts his community first!"

-Joe Ridings

"Alex is a committed father, friend and patriot who puts the interests of children first. We need his leadership as a CISD Trustee!"

- Juan Saldivar

"The Seversons endorse Alex without reservation. He will work hard for the education and betterment of ALL Southlake kids."

- Byron Severson

"Alex Sexton will make an exceptional addition to the CISD school board.  He brings experience & talents that will serve all Dragons.  We cannot wait to get him elected!"

- Bonnie Pendergrass

"Alex is a great choice for school board. He has my full support."

- Melissa Pensom

"Alex is exactly the type of individual that we need as a school board trustee. He will work to preserve the excellence of Carroll ISD and protect the rights of all Dragons."

- Dr. John Thomas

"I am proud to endorse Alex for Carroll ISD trustee. He has the unique combination of experience and compassion that will make him a great asset to our school district."

- Renee Thomas

"Alex is the right person at the right time. Thank you for stepping up."

- Leo Del Calvo

"I strongly endorse Alex!"

-Louis Corna

"Alex Sexton is a patriot that has served in the U.S Air Force. At a time when the dark forces of division and strife have infiltrated CISD and are seeking to indoctrinate school kids to hate America, it is important that patriots like Alex serve on the CISD board of trustees to clean up our schools and ensure they produce future citizens that are proud of America. Alex with his extensive experience in management and finance also brings the right skills as a fiscal conservative to balance budgets and prevent CISD from functioning on borrowed money. I am happy to endorse Alex for CISD school board."

- Sanjay Veerabathina

"Alex will be a great addition to the CISD School Board."

Frances Scharli, Southlake Parks and Recreation Board Chair

"To the parents and community of Southlake Schools- it is an honor and pleasure to recommend Alex Sexton for school board member (CISD place 6). I have known Alex for 16 years as I was a very close friend of his mother-in-law before her passing. I have spent Christmas dinners and Fourth of July celebrations in his home with his family. His mother-in-law adored him and his feelings for her were mutual. He treated her with utmost respect and stood by her for her every need. Alex's number one priority is to be a loving, engaged and active father and husband. He is wise beyond his years. He studies, researches, and contemplates before making decisions. He is honest, loyal and a team player. I highly recommend Alex Sexton to represent your children's educational needs and future. Alex is simply the best choice!"
-Patricia Crandall

"Great person and candidate! I'm honored to endorse Alex."

-Shannon McConnell

"There would be no better candidate who would serve justly and with honor. He would fight for the rights of the children and protect them from wrongs done to them when they can't fight
back for themselves. He would dedicate himself 100% to right any wrongs and be fair about it. He would add new insights and energy to this task. I endorse Alex Sexton."

- Janey Hampton

"Excited to see Alex work to get our school board back on track!"

- Jacque Robson

"The Johnsen family is delighted to support Alex Sexton for Carroll ISD Board of Trustees. We are confident that Alex will work hard to uphold the family values Southlake was built upon. He is a man of integrity and fully committed to fiscal responsibility, transparency, and academic excellence for all Dragons. Alex will be a great addition to our School Board!"

- The Johnsen Family

"Alex understands the issues facing our CISD! I put my trust in him to get this School district back on Track!"

- Pattie Minder

"Alex Sexton‘s experience and expertise will be a wonderful asset, addition and benefit in leading our District. Can’t wait to see him sworn in after the May election."

- Robert & Lisa Campanella

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